You can see (and book!) my Wedding, Event and Portrait photography over at, and on this site I keep all my commercial a personal photography projects.

On I offer my commercial services such a product photography and corporate profile shoots

My main interest is of course cave photography, but like most photographers I love doing a bit of everything and hence to progression into weddings, for wedding photographers are as far away from a specialist as you can get. you can start the day off as a macro photographer capturing the little details in the brides outfit (shoes, perfume, jewelry) then the next moment you are trying to look like a post in a church shooting reportage style, then you need to be a creative portrait photographer etc….

In a short while there will be various sub pages to display my work for your viewing pleasure, until then please enjoy the selection on this page and do get in touch if you think we could work together, either commercially or collaboratively on personal projects.


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