Seriously Tough caver proof waterproof note books and survey pads Hand Made in Yorkshire!

Hand made by Me on the edge of the Peak District, my range of Muddy Duck waterproof notepads are in use with Mountain Rescue teams, Cave rescue teams and more importantly for me they have proved themselves repeatedly on caving expeditions from Cold, Wet, Tight alpine caves to the warm humid damp jungle conditions found in the Monstrous Vietnam caves

we surveyed around 18km of new cave in a number of areas. Some of these were a bit further afield than previous trips so we ended up covering a lot of ground on foot. Trips out from base were typically 6-7 days including 3 days plus “commute”, so it was getting to be hard work and the nature of the terrain made it more attritional than we have been used to.
The pads were great though – they proved to be very robust and stood up to the rigours (and occasional harsh treatment!) very well whilst still being very easy to use – Paul from the 2014 vietnam expedition


  • 100% waterproof (unlike others that use a metal binding)
  • Plastic Coil binding making them crush resistant
  • Special ‘Synthetic’ paper allows writing with normal ball point pens or pencils
  • 500mic Plastic Covers so you can use them on there own or inside specially designed holders


The waterproof notebooks are sturdy, well bound and ideal for surveying (or playing naughts and crosses if you’ve got a long wait).

They were used extensively during the 2012 Oxford University Xitu expedition for various tasks including logging the contents of underground camps and hopefully during 2013, they’ll be used to survey the vast lengths of passage we must be due to discover any day now. To conclude, a very well made and useful piece of kit. – Andy Chapman


One purpose, a thousand uses

Although originally designed to be tough enough to take the abuse of caving, Muddy Duck waterproof notepads come in a handy WetNotes size used by Divers

The wet notes are perfect fit in my diving notes cover. Sturdy, good quality and easy to read underwater. Very happy with the purchase. The communication about the order process and delivery was outstanding, as you would expect from a big Internet retailer, for the fraction of the price. Highly recommended!

They are also perfect for any time where you would need to write in anything other than perfect conditions

  • Geolocical surveys
  • Emergency use on the Hill
  • Communicating Underwater
  • Laboratry Notes
  • Construction plans
  • Keeping the Golf score
  • Brainstorming in the shower

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