As a lot of you already know I produce all kinds of wonderfull story books and albums for my Wedding and Portrait clients through so you may be wondering why I am reviewing a service where you can log on,  download a bit of software and create your own? some of you reading this may be fellow/aspiring photographers, wedding clients who maybe dont have budget for a  hand crafted masterpiece or just want a book to present your holiday snaps, so when I was contacted by the team at SAAL Digital and offered a free book to review I knew at least a few of you would be interested. and here is the book I made

saal photobook

Design and Ordering

To design and order any products from SAAL digital you first need to download there design software, This is free and surprisingly feature packed. You can download it from there home page here

From the home screen you can select the type of product and if you are ordering photobooks there is an AUTO function that fills in the design for you, then you can make changes to the layout/swap images or even start with a blank page.I had a bunch of stuff I had created over the last 6 months that had not been used for anything so my book kind of became a mini snapshot of my last 6 months work.
once complete you submit your order either online or you can post the saved design files after comleting payment which I know would be a very usefull feature for large books and people with slow internet speeds. My book arrived three days later, Very quick turnaround!

The Book

For less than £40 I have a hardback book, with photographically printed pages that opens almost completely flat, Now before I even tell you about the quality just bear in mind that a certain UK photobook supplier charges nearly £80 for the same size but  for a soft back printed on standard printing paper then you are already on to a good thing here.

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The book feels solid, the cover is well bound with no excess glue or unstuck edges and the print quality is, well, photo quality on 200GSM photopaper. The design allows for full edge to edge printing and you can also position images in a full cross page panorama

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one thing to note is the lack of center crease meaning over time there will be a faint white line appearing along the middle of the page (see pics below) so perhaps having a full page spread of a dark image should be avoided if the book is the be handled extensively (my book has been passed around nearly 40 people and a lot of page turning over two months before these pictures were taken.)

Overall I am please with the service, presentation and the end product for the price is amazing. Not up to the standard that I make for my wedding clients by a long shot but it is few hundred pounds cheaper!

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Anything Else?

Yes, There Diaboond Aluminium display panels are excellent value and quality! Just sayin…